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Full-year 2022-23 results

MCB Group's financial performance for the full-year 2022-23 at a glance.

*Dividends declared for FY 2022/23 and FY 2021/2022 are not strictly comparable with those of FY 2020/21. No dividend payment was made in respect of 2020 amidst the uncertain context and the 2021 dividend was based on the results of both years, albeit at a reduced payout rate.

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Credit Ratings

Credit ratings are opinions subject to ongoing review by rating agencies and may change from time to time based on the financial performance of MCB Ltd, industry dynamics, and other factors. MCB Ltd is being rated by Moody's Investors Service.

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Domestically, CARE Ratings (Africa) Private Limited assigns a AAA rating to MCB Ltd with regard to the servicing of financial obligations.


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