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The secret to our endurance is our standard of excellence and the fact that our people – customers and personnel – are central to everything we undertake.


We have come a long way since 1st September 1838 when we first commenced business and have withstood untold obstacles along the way. And yet, we continue not just to endure but to grow and diversify. The continued socio-economic progress of the country, of private businesses and entrepreneurs is testament to our success.

From a single bank, we have grown into a Group with a total asset worth of MUR 830.0 billion (USD 18 billion). Now with 60 branches/kiosks nationwide, we seek to consolidate our position in the region and beyond.

MCB Group is the holding company of several subsidiaries and associates that operate under three business clusters: Banking, Non-Banking Financial and Other Investments. Banking activities are present in Madagascar, Mozambique, Reunion Island, Mayotte, Paris, Seychelles and Maldives, with a wide network of correspondent banks across the world.

The Non-Banking Financial sector is involved in Factoring and Leasing while the MCB Capital Markets Ltd offers services such as Corporate Finance Advisory, Asset Management, Stockbroking, Private Equity and Registry. The Group also assists Micro and Small Entrepreneurs.








Our Philosophy

The trust of our stakeholders is central to our continuous advancement and is founded in our financial soundness, which underpins all our activities.

Anchored in our core values of Integrity, Customer Care, Teamwork, Knowledge, Innovation and Excellence, we remain true to our mission – to generate sustainable value for our stakeholders and to catalyse the prosperity of Mauritius.

With this comes a promise – to continue to uphold high standards of Corporate Governance, employee diversity, social responsibility and environmental protection.

Group Structure

mcb-group- organisational-chart

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