Success Beyond Numbers

Our aim is to have a positive economic, social, environmental and cultural impact in the long run. We understand that to do so, our role as a business needs to evolve and that we have a key role to play in creating prosperity for our communities.


Our Approach

As Mauritius’ longest-standing financial institution, our aim is to help people and communities thrive today and tomorrow. Our corporate sustainability framework, Success Beyond Numbers, is built around investing in three pillars:


Pillar 1

A vibrant and sustainable local economy

  • Lokal is Beautiful Scheme
  • SME Marketplace - In the pipe
  • Resilient production study - In the pipe
  • Made in Moris campaign
  • Various measures related to COVID-19
  • Study on impact ecosystem

Pillar 2

Preservation of environmental and cultural heritage

  • Klima Neutral conference and study
  • Climate engagements
  • Partnership with Ebony Forest
  • Partnership with Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, including Your Card for Change
  • Various initiatives concerning culture: VIBE Moris, Rando-Trail & Nature, Rodrigues au fil du temps
  • Various measures related to energy, water, and carbon emissions reduction

Pillar 3

Individual and collective well-being

  • Social leave programme
  • Infirmary
  • In-house medical services
  • Talent management programme - Grow!
  • Trust index
  • Various measures related to COVID-19

Based on these three pillars,
we have launched a number of key initiatives.

Lokal Rebound: building on our resilience in production

The more diversified an economy is, the more it will be able to respond to crises. The Lokal Rebound study highlights the ways in which we could diversify Mauritius’ production fabric to cater for local needs and to ensure prosperity over time.

Download the report | Télécharger le rapport

Learn more about resilience in production

Klima: the fight against climate change is on

We have asked ourselves how we could reconcile the fight against climate change and local economic development. As a first step, we have sponsored the Klima Neutral 2050 study.

Read the Klima Neutral 2050 Report

Lokal is Beautiful: how we could reshape our local economy

We believe in finding ways to stimulate new forms of local entrepreneurship and industries. We believe in transforming Mauritius and in making “lokal” beautiful.

How we can transform our local economy

Biodiversity: we too are helping protect our fragile ecosystem

We have partnered with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation to protect our unique yet fragile biodiversity. Over and above an annual donation amounting to Rs 5 million, we have also launched Your Card for Change to bring onboard our customers.

How our customers also protect the environment

Our convictions

Now is the time to redefine the way we measure success.

Our global pledges

Principles for Responsible Banking

MCB is a founding signatory of the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Banking. MCB has pledged to align its banking activities with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

These Principles for Responsible Banking are a joint initiative of banks and the United Nations, through the UNEP Finance Initiative (UNEP FI).


Equator Principles

Since 15 May 2012, MCB has adopted the Equator Principles. This framework stands as the foundation and guiding principle of the bank’s Environmental and Social Policy.


United Nations Global Compact

The United Nations Global Compact launched in October 2020 the Local Network for Mauritius and the Indian Ocean region. The Network comprises 27 enterprises, including MCB.

MCB Gender Equality Charter

We believe in equal opportunity for all. Through our charter, we have made the formal commitment to adopt, implement and promote gender equality and foster an inclusive workplace environment.


Getting our people involved

Our Social Leave program empowers our people to take one paid leave day each year to volunteer for non-profit organisations. Be it planting, painting, cleaning, sorting, or even keeping company, no action is ever too trivial. By giving our people the opportunity to support community partners, we can help do more good, together.

Want to know more?

Because effective change needs data, we have the facts.


Discover how we economic actors can fight climate change


Watch the video

Read the Klima Neutral 2050 Executive Summary

Read the Klima Neutral 2050 Full Report EN | FR

Watch the Klima Conference


Learn more about what we are doing to create sustainable prosperity for all


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