We care. And we will never go away.

We firmly believe that our continued success is inseparable from the well-being of the communities we serve. This is why we always walk the talk when it comes to enhancing people's lives and making a real difference wherever we are present.

For any query about sponsorship, drop us a line at [email protected]

What kind of sponsorship requests do we welcome?

At the moment, we tend to focus on the following areas, but we are always on the lookout for brilliant, out-of-the-box ideas.

- Arts and Culture
- Education
- Sports
- Environment and sustainable development

Please note that proposals that fall outside these focus areas will be received and evaluated.

Do we expect returns on investment?

We expect events we sponsor to benefit the community, enhance our brand image, promote our corporate values or develop our business. These returns should be demonstrated clearly in any sponsorship request. Before submitting your proposal, please read this document and ensure that you answer the relevant questions. 

The MCB will not consider proposals involving :

- Individual requests
- Educational trips
- Medical treatments 
- Political and religious organisations
- Hazardous activities 
- Gambling
- Activities that may be considered prejudicial or discriminatory
- Travel expenses 
- School events/activities or team projects 
- Fundraising

The MCB reserves the right to approve or reject sponsorship applications on a case-to-case basis.

Deba Klima

Deba Klima is an intercollege debate competition conducted in Kreol, focusing on crucial climate change topics. This initiative, overseen by renowned Political Scientist François Gemenne, is the result of a partnership between the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre and MCB Group, aimed at cultivating climate awareness among the emerging generation.

Sustainable innovation

We believe in sustainability, true to our mission that we will do what we can to make the world a better, greener place. We trust that our environmental stewardship will foster welfare in society.

Team MCB

Team MCB regroups the elite of Mauritian cyclists (road cycling) who represent Mauritius at all regional and international championships. Team MCB benefits from sustained supervision and ongoing support.


Cité Tôle

Since 2012, we have been engaged in a social integration project at Cité Tôle that generates and implements innovative ideas that will allow inhabitants to derive revenues. Ten houses are also being built there.

Chess in Schools

We believe that chess is an ideal educational tool for spurring the intellect and character of individuals. By gradually introducing chess in schools, our ambition is to create a new generation that thinks strategically and is better equipped to face the challenges of a fast-changing world.

Ebony Forest

50 hectares of native forest are being restored with the Ebony Forest project to inspire others, including schoolchildren, to protect the island’s biodiversity. MCB Group supports the educational aspect of the project.


Helping cancer patients in Seychelles

We donated a minibus to Seychelles’ Cancer Concern Association. This helps to transport cancer patients undergoing treatment to and from the Oncology Unit of Victoria Hospital.

Inspiring Champions

This initiative has featured sporting legends such as Sergey Bubka, Wilson Kipketer, Chad LeClos, David Ginola and Boris Diaw. It aims to give an extra edge to those interested in sports who want to reach the stars.

Krwar. Trase. Resi.®

This series tells the inspiring stories of people – some ordinary, some well-known – as they reach their goals, against all odds, by the sheer power of determination.


Porlwi brings a new lease of life to the capital city, our home since 1838. The partnership with Porlwi reflects our sustained commitment to culture, arts and innovation, among others.


MCB Football Academy

The MCB Football Academy believes every child thrives in the right environment. The practice of sports and the power of education help children learn qualities of leadership, responsibility, perseverance and teamwork as they grow.


MCB Forward Foundation

The MCB Forward Foundation is the point of convergence of the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility activities. The belief that underpins those activities is that the well-being of our community is tied to ours.


MCB Foundation Scholarship

The HSC student who comes just after the Economy sector laureates at the exams benefits every year since 1988 from the MCB Foundation Scholarship; the scholarship is valid for any university but restricted to Economy, Accounting, IT or Finance studies.

MCB Rodrigues Scholarship

Every year since 2000, a student from Rodrigues benefits from a scholarship for the University of Mauritius. The MCB Rodrigues Scholarship Scheme finances the full-time course and living expenses for three years.


National Spelling Bee

The Spelling Bee competition was founded in the United States in 2006 and tests participants’ mastery of the English language, the second most wildly spoken language in the world and the official language of some 50 counties, including Mauritius.

Science Quest

Science Quest is a contest that promotes interest in science and innovation among secondary school students who are challenged to find novel solutions to everyday problems in their surroundings.

SEM Young Investor Awards

The SEM Young Investor Award is open to Lower Six students from Mauritius and Rodrigues. Teams are given a virtual credit of Rs 200,000 that they then invest in a choice of five listed companies. They can then do a maximum of 10 investment swaps in three months.

Blue Penny Museum

Launched in 2001, the Blue Penny Museum catalogues the country’s cultural history and houses some prestigious collections, including the world-famous Blue Penny stamps. A stunning museum, it is characterised by attention to even the minutest detail.


Affordable ARTerial Fair Seychelles

The Affordable ARTerial Fair introduces art to the Seychellois public by enabling the sale of art at a reasonable price. It aims to enrich Seychelles’ cultural landscape through art.

Big Draw Seychelles

The Big Draw invites young people to celebrate the universal language of drawing. Exposing young talented individuals to art helps change their concept of art and enables the discovery of possibly untapped talent and passion.

MCB Tour Championship

The MCB Tour Championship is the most prestigious golf competition in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean. Welcoming the sport’s greatest names each year, it is the final event of the annual European Senior Tour season. It has been held every December since 2009.


Indian Ocean Island Games

We have been a partner of the Indian Ocean Island Games (IOIG) since 1985, supporting every edition of the games held every four years – a competition that’s, to all intents and purposes, the region’s Olympic Games.


Club Maurice

In Mauritius, MCB Group continues to sponsor Club Maurice, giving the national team the means to continue to rise to perfection.


Team Seychelles

Our support to the Indian Ocean Island Games extends to national teams wherever the Group is present. Sponsorship of Team Seychelles salutes the country’s top athletes and helps them fly high the national flag.

Team Maldives

In Maldives, we are the partner of Team Maldives for the Indian Ocean Island Games. We aim to motivate the younger generations and encourage them to make the practice of sports part of their lives.

Ti Mambo

Ti Mambo is a popular singing and dancing contest for children under 12. Past winners making it big abroad have also illustrated the show’s potential as a talent pot.



VIBE is a song competition imagined by MCB Group, designed and crafted by Digital Island and Silver Square agencies.


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